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Tuesday, 03 November 2009

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Latest work is added to page 3 I undertake commissions if I like the subject!  I usually work from a few black and white photographs, and have recaptured quite a few old memories. Most paintings are 30" x 20" so I have not shown the size with every one.  Your feedback is appreciated - you can vote for your favourite on the "feedback" page, and if you have ideas for a great painting let me know.  I produce 2 or 3 paintings a year, so if you want to commission one you may have to be patient if I am busy.

Commissions cost 900.00, with a 200.00 deposit.

If interested please contact If not, enjoy looking.

Dadart - the paintings of Arthur Walmsley Some of my dad's paintings

If you want to use the pictures for publication please contact me as above.  Reproduction costs 50.00 per picture.  I will provide a high resolution version.

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