Western Invader [2003] Dawlish. Summer Holiday Memory of Martin Nicholson

Lickey 1963 [2002] The stars are positioned for January 15th 1963, but I don't know if the sky was clear (For sale 600)

Glenfinnan [2002] Sandy Anderson's leaving gift.

Gatwick Express 2 [1999] - Clapham Junction. Completed when trains still being built - note livery detail of flag & side number never applied

Gatwick Express [1998] Completed before the trains, the location chosen from a cab ride phoograph (thanks Gatwick Expres)

High Tor [2000] Matlock line when it was busy (For sale 500)

Night Freight 98 [1998] Cuneo updated

Shap [2000] Well known location, not so familiar weather (For sale 500). Selected for GRA exhibition, Swindon.

Shunting Chester [2001] Chester shed towards the end of steam. (for sale 400)

Shunting Wednesbury [2001] From a photo by Brian Penny (with permission) (for sale 600)

Crepello [1998] Hatfield. Co-incidence...my next door neighbour visited this spot as a child, and a work colleage had a photo of the signal gantry

Camberley [2001] Tim Stubbs' retirement gift, including his inevitable bus.

Peak District 1963 [1995] Between Litton & Cressbrook tunnels. From a photograph by Brian Stevenson (with permission) (for sale 400)

Woodhead [1994] My first painting selected for a Guild of Railway artists exhibition (Derby)

Electric Storm [1999] Celebrating the 458 achieving an electrical safety case.

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