Older, but worth putting in

Adverse Weather [1992] Apologies to Philip D Hawkins. ("Don't nick any more" he said)

D Moon [1992] Penrith 1953

WD at Northampton [1993]

Aureol 1992] 40022 leavig Holyhead. Fine Art prints available from Steve Morris - see "Links"

Barrow Hill [1994] The now-preserved roundhouse from my own photograph.

Barry [1993] Based on my own photgraphs

Midland Main Line 1954 [1995] A "positive"image for the boardroom.

Old Hill Banker[1991]

Oulton [1999] Barry Castle en route to Birmingham

Porterbrook 2 [1997] My livery returns to the drawing board for a Christmas Card painting. Original owned by Sandy Anderson.

Porterbrook [1996]

Acton Bridge [1993] the up Royal Scot, from my own photograph - see Cheshire page x

Q1 & K4 [1993] Ugly Engine and a bus. Must be another Tim Stubbs picture!

Stoke and Cockshute [1992] My first venture into foggy days

Swanage [1995] Actually entitled "Christmas Eve" for a card. (for sale 400)

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