Barry in the 1950's and 60's, Along with a few others by George W. Deighton (1913-2002), and passed to me by Graham Binding (as in Cardiff Open Day picture).  These will not enlarge, and I know no more about them than what is shown, but if you do - please let me know.

Castle, 1950 4941 near the Drope Approaching Liverpool St
Barry dock enamel works Barry 1955 Barry docks 1949
Barry shed & coal shed Barry Docks 1957 Bulwell Hall 82036 Barry Island for Barry
B17 Romford 82002 approaching Barry Liverpool St
B1 Liverpool St. 4200 2-8-0 1950 Barry before Butlins
1951 Festival of Britain 1951 - South Bank Festival of Britain 1951 Festival of Britain 1951 - Dome of Discovery
From Porthkerry Tunnel First DMU Barry-Barry Docks 5183 Barry docks from Barry
Approaching Porthkerry Viaduct 6999 Cardiff Canton 1958 Barry Docks
Barry Docks, 1968

Left, George W. Deighton